31% for Banggood App User!!!


For a limit period, you could enjoy 31% direct discount for ASTROLUX MF01S in Banggood App. Firstly, install Banggood App from Apple Store or Google Play Store. Follow our product link underneath, and our instructions on how to bring down the price.

Step 1: Launch Installed App

If you have successfully installed Banggood App, your should receive a prompt to open the link with Banggood App when you click only our link below.

Step 2: Select Your Desired MF01S Configuration

There are a total of 3 emitter tints (e.g 4000K, 5000K, 65000K) and 7 colors to choose from. Please noted that some colors will discontinued from August on ward.

Step 3: View Shopping Cart

Please verify your chosen MF01S configurations and quantity in your cart are correct.

Step 4: Further Discount!

If you have ordered from Banggood in the past, you could utilize your accumulated Banggood points to further offset (only through App) the 31% discounted price. Check “Using XXX Points” under “Use Coupon or BG Points” section, and app will automatically apply the discount on the final bill. Easy!

Amount of additional discount will depends on your accumulated BG points.

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