AMUTORCH E3 3* XP-L HI/ SST20 3000lm EDC 21700 Stepless Dimming Flashlight

Emitter: 4*XP-L HI/ SST20(new)

Brightness: 3000 lumens (max.)

Battery Type: 1* 21700 (high-drain)


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  •  XPL-Hi lamp beads
  • Thermoelectric separation copper thermal conductive substrate.
  • Efficient direct drive +7135 constant current.
  • Step dimming + stepless dimming dual mode.
  • Conductive end face, phosphor copper spring.
  • Use 1 large capacity 21700 rechargeable lithium battery.
  • 6061 aluminum alloy, head and body integrated bar processing, three-level hard anode.
  • Optical triple lens, imported from the UK T | RCarclo 10507
  • High transmittance tempered coated glass.
  • Mode brightness: 1st 150lm, 2nd 350lm, 3rd 700lm, 4th 1200lm, 5th 3000lm.
  • 95mm x 29mm x 25.4mm (Length x head diameter x body diameter)
  • Weight: 62 grams.


  1. Insert the battery with the positive pole facing the lamp head;
  2. Conventional gear: lightly press the switch to light up, lightly press the dimmer, and long press for 0.5 seconds to turn off;
  3. Promise dimming: long press 0.5 seconds to turn on, long press does not move, brightness increases steplessly, long press brightness steplessly again
  4. Reduce to the moonlight level, release the current brightness of the memory. Tap to close. The next time you press and hold to open, it is closed before the brightness set at the time.
  5. In any mode, quick double-click is extremely bright, and quick triple-click is burst flash (lightly press to restore the previous gear)
  6. In the closed state, the switch can be locked by four quick hits to avoid accidental opening (the prompt will flash 2 times when locked, and the quick four hits can be Unlock).

Package Included:

1 x Amutorch E3 Flashlight


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