ASTROLUX FT02 XHP70.2 XHP70.2 4600lm Stepless 21700 Flashlight (2020)

Brightness: 4600 lumens (max.)

Features: Stepless dimming with MicroUSB charging

Beam Distance: 437 m

Battery Type: 1* 21700 or 1* 18650 (high-drain)


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  • Fitted with 1x XHP70.2 LED
  • Maximum output with 4600 lumens
  • High efficiency direct boost driver (>90%)
  • 1.4A fast USB rechargeable with onboard charging circuit
  • Battery percentage detection design
  • Over-discharge and over charge protection
  • The flashlight has temperature protection function, if the flashlight is overheated, the drive will reduce the output current.
  • High efficiency heat dissipation design
  • High reflectivity aluminum alloy reflector


Product name: Astrolux FT02 XHP70.2 USB Military Flashlight
Brand: Astrolux
Model: FT02
Emitter Type: XHP70.2
Light Color & Color Temperature: Cool White (CW): 6500K; Natural White (NW): 5000K
Candala: 47,750 CD
Max Output: 4600 Lumens
Distance: 437 Meters

  • Stepless Dimming: 0-100%;
  • Turbo;
  • Lowest;
  • Strobe;
  • Momentary Mode;
  • Battery Check.

Lumens: 0-4600 Lumens
Runtime: 92min (Min.)
Battery Configurations: 1x 21700 or 18650 Li-ion Battery (Not included); Unprotected battery recommended
USB Port Rechargeable: Yes, 1.4A input
Switch Type: Clicky
Switch Location: Side of the flashlight
Material: Aerospace grade aluminium alloy
Impact Resistant: 2 Meters
Waterproof: IPX7 Waterproof
Reflector: Aluminum reflector
Carrying Strap: Lanyard
Color: Black
Weight: 258g without battery
Size: 154mmx 58.5mm (Lengthx Diameter)



ON/ OFF: single click
Ramping: Press and Hold; release and Press & Hold again to change ramping direction
Turbo: double click
Lowest mode: Press & Hold when light is OFF

Hidden Modes:
Strobe: double click to Turbo, then double click again to Strobe. Single click to turn OFF.
Battery Check: 3 fast clicks

  • 0-20% – blink once
  • 20-40% – blink twice
  • 40-60% – blink 3 times
  • 80-100% – blink 4 times

Lock-out: 4 fast clicks, repeat 4-click action to unlock
Momentary: 5 fast clicks, LED will blink 4 times. Loosen tailcap to reset.
Breathing Light ON/OFF: 6 fast clicks, repeat 6-click action to turn ON (side LED will blink twice).

Package Included:

1 x Astrolux FT02 USB Military Flashlight
1 x 21700 To 18650 Adapter (Please use it for negative way of the 18650 battery)
1 x Lanyard
2 x Spare O-rings
1 x Manual

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