ASTROLUX MF01S 18*SST20 XP-G3 15000lm CRI95 4*18650 Flashlight with 4*SAMSUNG 30Q

Brightness: 15000 lumens (max.)

Beam Distance: 616 m

Battery Type: 4* SAMSUNG 30Q 18650 high-drain (included)


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$ 129.95 $ 95.90

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  • Using 18x luminus SST-20 LED
  • Max output up to 15000lm
  • Max beam candela is 95000cd
  • High efficiency direct drive driver
  • Aerospace grade aluminum alloy and stainless bezel
  • Advances AUX LEDs design with color change which     indicates voltage change
  • High quality coated lens and optics
  • Hard III anodized and anti-slip knurling
  • Good heat dissipation with cooling fins


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We are proud to announce our new ASTROLUX MF01 (Best Seller) Successor!!!


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AUX board design for MF01S




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