ROVYVON Angel Eyes E700U 2800lm XP-G3+UVC 270nm Rechargeable LED Flashlight

Emitter: 4* XP-G3 and  3* UVC 270nm

Brightness: 2800 lumens (max.)

Charging Type: USB-C

Battery Type: 1* 21700 Li-ION 5000mAh (built-in)


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$ 149.95

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  •  Max 2800 lumens and UV-C sidelights
  •  21700 Li-ion 5000mAh battery
  •  USB-C input/output, quick charge
  •  B to C and C to C charging cables included
  •  Magnetic tail base
  •  Adjustable two-way pocket clip
  •  Metal e-switch, one-hand operation
  •  IPX8 water resistance


  • Material: 6063 aluminum alloy
  • UV-C window: Quartz
  • Dimensions: 108.4mm (Length) x 30.5mm (Diameter) x 37.5mm (Height)
  • LED:
    • Front: 4 x XP-G3
    • Side: 3 x UV-C 270nm
  • Battery:
    • Type: Lithium-ion rechargeable
    •  Typical capacity: 5000mAh
    • Input: USB-C (5V/3A) Output: USB-C (5V/2.4A)
    • Indicator: Red is charging, solid blue is fully charged
  • Weight: 224.7g


  • From OFF: Press and hold=Momentary on (Turbo)
  • From OFF: Double click=turn on the front light from the memorized mode
  • From off: Triple click=turn on the UV-C light, click to turn off
  • From ON (front): Click=Cycle through modes Low-Med-High-Turbo
  • From ON (UV-C): Triple or Quad click=Switch to the front light at memorized mode
  • From ON: Long press 0.3s=turn off
  • Front ON over 1 minute: Mode memory

Package Included:

  •  1 x Multipurpose LED/UVC Flashlight
  •  1 x USB C-C cable
  •  1 x USB Cover
  •  1 x O-ring set, 1*Lanyard


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