RovyVon Aurora A28 XP-L 1000lm Multi-purpose EDC Keychain Flashlight

Front LED: CREE XP-L, max output 1000 lumens

Sidelights: 1) White+Red; 2) White+UV

Runtime: 72 H (low)

Battery Type: 1* 600mAh lithium

$ 56.95

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The Aurora A28 has a clear transparent polycarbonate case that allows the UV light to be useful and practical. The A28 comes with 2 options on the front LED – CREE XP-L for high output needs, and Nichia 219C for high CRI purpose. The side white reading light is also neutral white. The Aurora A28 has a unique feature inside which is about the GITD battery holder.


Front LED
1. Momentary ON: Press and hold for Moonlight, release to turn off
2. Constant ON: Double click
Switch mode: Click to cycle through Low-Med-High-Turbo

Memory: When the light worked at a mode over 3mins, it will be turned on from the memorized mode next time

Step down: The light will step down to 300lm/100lm in 90 seconds when working at Turbo/High mode due to the massive heat generated.
Turn off
1) At any mode, long press for 0.3 second
2) Click to turn off when the light works in any mode for over 3 minutes.

Side LEDs
Turn ON
1) Triple-click: White reading light, click to cycle thru Low-High
2) Quad click: UV, click to turn off

Accessories: 1*User manual, 1*1m paracord, 1*SS key ring, 1*Lanyard, 1*Warranty card


Length: 76mm/2.99”
Diameter: 21.5mm/0.846”
Weight: 46.3g/1.633oz

Front LED
1) CREE XP-L, max output 1000 lumens
2) Nichia 219C, Max 700 lumens, Min 90 CRI
Settings: Moonlight (Momentary), Low-Med-High-Turbo (Cycle thru)

Sidelights: White+UV

Battery: 600mAh lithium polymer
Charging: Micro USB
Charging time: 60 mins