RovyVon Commander C10 Titanium Bolt Tactical Pen EDC Survival Tool

Material: Titanium

Finishing: PVD Black, Natural Ti and Sandblasted

$ 78.95

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Set writing, car broken windows, easy to carry (can be checked by aircraft, ship, etc.)
Features: ergonomic design, one multi-energy, modern CNC computer processing, high precision, appearance process anode type III oxidation treatment.
Physical attack is stronger and increases the durability of its broken windows.


  • Brand: ROVYVON Commander C10
  • Material: Titanium
  • Pen mechanism: Bolt action
  • Refill: SCHMIDT P 900
  • Pocket clip: Titanium
  • Glass: breaker Ceramic ball
  • Diameter: 0.495″
  • Length: 4.905″

Package included

  • 1 x ROVYVON Commander C10 Titanium Bolt Tactical Pen

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