Trustfire MC1 XPL HI 1000lm EDC 16340 Flashlight

Brightness: 1000 lumens (max.)

Features: magnetic charging and reversible pocket clip

Battery Type: 1x 16340 (included)


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  • With international patent XPL HI LED, lifetime reach 50000 hours.
  • Including special magnetic rechargeable cable that could charge to flashlight immediately.
  • Magnetic function in the tailcap.
  • Low battery indicator.
  • Anti-reverse design, prevent battery reverse installed that causing harm to the circuit.
  • Three modes, working light mode. lock mode, strobe modes.


Brand Trustfire MC1
Material Aluminum, alloy
Light beads XPL HI
Brightness: 1000 lumens
Lifetime 50000 hours
Battery 16340 battery
Modes 3 modes (work light mode – lock mode – flashing mode)
Size 56.4 x 20mm
Weight 30g


  1. On/Off:
    Under unlocked mode, keep press the neck side switch 0.8 seconds to turn on/off.
  2. Switch working mode:
    When light is on, soft press side switch it will cycle through high – middle – low.
  3. Memory mode:
    When flashlight on the working light mode, it will remember the current working mode automatically. After turn off, it will continue to work on this current mode when turn on next time.
  4. Strobe:
    Under off situation: keep press 2 seconds enter into strobe, it strobe once in two seconds, it will back to last working mode before turn off.

Package Included:

1 x MC1 flashlight
1 x Manual
1 x Magnetic rechargeable cable
1 x Battery
1 x Clip
1 x Key ring
1 x Lanyard
1 x O-ring