WAINLIGHT 2x OSRAM NM1 + UV 365nm 5 Modes 21700 18650 Copper Flashlight

UV light: SVC uv365nm 5W UV LED
Lighting: 2 X OSRAM NM1 LED 6000K

UltraViolet energy: 1300MW-1500MW

Battery Type: 21700/ 18650 Rechargeable


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1. Control gear:
Purple light mode (second gear): high gear 100% (output 1600ma) → medium gear 30%;
Lighting mode (3rd gear): output of highlight gear: highlight gear 100% (about 1600lm) – + medium light gear 40% – + low light gear 10%

2. Electric quantity display:
When the flashlight is turned on, the switch will display blue. When the power is insufficient (< 20%), it will flash. When the battery voltage is lower than 2.65v, the flashlight will turn off.

3. Charging mode:
Connect the charging connector to the switch and connect it to the USB 4.5-5v power supply for charging
Charging indication: when the battery is charged, the window of charging connector will display red; when it is full, it will display green,


  • Brand: WainLight
  • Product material: Pure copper
  • Surface treatment: None
  • Light source :
    UV light: SVC uv365nm 5W UV LED
    Lighting: 2 X OSRAM NM1 LED 6000K
  • Violet energy: 1300MW-1500MW
  • Use battery: 1×21700 / 18650 General purpose
  • Voltage range: 2.65-4.2V
  • Product size: 121mm Long x 39.5mmm Head Diameter x 27.5mm Handle Diameter
  • Product weight: 320g (without battery)
  • Circuit type:
    1. Low voltage alarm function
    2. Battery reverse connection protection function.
    3. Battery overcharge and over discharge
  • Switch type: Contact switch
  • Lens type:
  • Purple light: UV Filter (Black)
  • Lamp: Glass lens
  • Optical cup type: Aluminum alloy reflective cup
  • Spot centrality: 800LUX
  • Hotspot: 8 °1′
  • Dustproof and waterproof: Life waterproof
  • Charging mode: Direct charging with USB connector


1. Long press the switch button for 1 second: start the light;
2. Double click the switch button: start the purple light;
3. After starting: double click to change the light, click to shift; long press the switch button for 1 second, turn off the flashlight.

Package Included:

1 x Flashlight
1 x Charging Connector
1 x Box


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