Weltool W4 “Dragon in Cloud” LEP 560lm 2.6km 21700 Flashlight

Emitter: LEP

Brightness: 560 lumens (max.)

Beam Distance: 2607 m

Battery Type: 1* 21700 (high-drain)


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W4 LEP search light throwing distance up to 2.6 kilometers! , Luminous flux 560 lumens, light intensity reaches 1782000 candela, use one 21700 rechargeable lithium ion battery, high-quality drive circuit with temperature control, constant current drive and ensure that the flashlight will not overheat. W4’s LEP light source has high energy density, and then passes through a special lens reflection system to form a dazzling light column. High and low brightness modes are adjustable, simple and practical.


Material: Aluminum alloy, black hard anodized surface
Reflective system: Acrylic lens
Light source: Special LEP module, wavelength 400-700nm, lifespan about 10,000 hours
Lumens: Hight Mode – 560 / Low Mode – 187
Intensity: Hight Mode – 1782000cd / Low Mode – 603000cd
Distance: Hight Mode – 2607m / Low Mode – 1553m
Runtime: Hight Mode – 1h58min / Low Mode – 4h32min
Battery: Use one 21700 li-ion rechargeable battery
Switch: Tail tactical switch, 50,000 press life
Bezel: Double coated tempered glass lens
Lens: Double coated tempered glass lens
Weight: 332.8±0.5g (without battery)
Size (±0.5mm): (head diameter) 60.5mm, (body diameter) 27mm, (length) 193mm


  • First unscrew the flashlight tail cap counterclockwise, the battery positive electrode is inserted toward the head, and tighten the tail cap clockwise.
  • The flashlight has the positive and negative pole reverse connection protection function, even if you install the battery in the wrong direction, the flashlight will not be damaged, but it will not work, please check the battery at this time
  • Half press the tail switch button once, the flashlight starts working (high mode), and the flashlight stops working when the switch is released
  • After half-pressing the flashlight to start working, immediately release it and then half-press the tail switch again, the brightness mode is switched to low brightness, and the operation is repeated in this way, and the mode cycles. Press the switch hard in any mode, there will be a “click” sound, lock the current brightness is always bright; press again, the switch will have a “click” sound, the flashlight is turned off.
  • When the battery power is low, the flashlight light flashes, even if you focus on your work, you will also see the light prompt. Please replace the battery in time.

Package Included:

1 x Flashlight
1 x UB21-50 lithium-ion battery
1 x Type-C charging data cable
1 x Waterproof ring
1 x Stainless steel pocket clip


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